Search engine optimization .(SEO)

SEO…What is SEO for Website? SEO means Search Engine Optimization Lets say Google,you are owner of Google so what will you demand? That if some person search something on google. He should get the best result. He should get the answer for his question To make you understand.

I will start from beginning..there was yahoo..everyone used to search on yahoo But gradually Google gained market share. They used their brain and made a strategy that we have to make our product simple. If you open yahoo you will get everything ads,news,email and a small search box And in Google maximum area is for search come,search and you will get the results Being in Google lets say.

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I have searched a word say What is SEO for Website So which Website/Blog should come at top? which is in real the best So google has some algorithm which runs and check whether it is best or not.

Basically SEO is of 2 types : On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

On Page SEO

SEO for Website. On page SEO means what your website exactly has? If I look into it what will I get? Basically Google has its crawlers. What are they? basically when you register your website with google or link anywhere So the crawler is like a virus.

Which keeps on searching like which link. Its say it has opened your fb page there it saw a link named It will go there directly and there he will see has this social handles so will go there automatically.

Search engine optimization SEO
Search engine optimization SEO

It will go on spreading like this and a database will be created This whole process is known as indexing. It is indexing each and every thing Now lets say there is a site where they sell WoedPress Theme And very popular site and you get good reviews of WP.Theme here And there they have written that is the best.

Who will tell you which theme you should buy in this budget From there they will get to know. This is WP.Technicwala and if they give my link too. They will open and see okay that is WP.Technicwala So like this if there are 10 sites which say that WP.Technicwala do this.

Then what will happen? Authentication will increase So, They are doing it right WP.Technicwala actually do like that because google is a Robot google don’t know anything. It has algorithm which keeps on running so being a digital marketer.

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You have to understand your need So one very important thing comes here keyword research. I will wright a blog on keyword research in detail. Lets say you sell phone in market Now you made a e-commerce website where you sell same phone so what will you want? Which type of customer land on your website? Who want cream? Lipstick? Who want phone. If you search on google phone then what do you see?

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

Different results Here your website has a place to stand or not? Think logically Can you compete with amazon or fliplart? can you compete with jabong or any other big brand? no So you have to think strategically like what you have to do so you will go to keyword planner tool that comes under google ad words and ubersuggest.

There are many tools about which I will tell you in detail. You will go there and search phone. There you will get do people actually search it in google? phone to buy, Samsung phone, Nokia phone etc. You will also get to know amount of monthly searches Additionally you will see ads, Whenever you search anything on google on top you see 3 ads…that is basically part of ad-words. You have to decide how much bidding you have to do to stand somewhere.

There are many strategies. Will talk about everything so lets come back to on page SEO for website, So the content for website you have to make it on the keyword you researched android phone And always keep one thing in mind content is the king. If your content is copy pasted from any other website. Then google will catch that So your authenticity will finish. After that you write anything.

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Your site will not get ranked Keep the content original and such that people get value addition by reading that.

Off Page SEO

SEO for website. Off page SEO techniques there are around 7 to 10 techniques of an off page SEO. That you must apply to your website to get more more more traffic and get more revenue. If you will read this article about all of off SEO page techniques so that you can get more revenue.

Social bookmarking

Firstly we will start with the social bookmarking ,so as I know the social bookmarking becomes most a most popular thing because all of Devotee’s getting connected with Internet.

People are more engaged with these social web sites so I recommend that. This is the main off page SEO technique. That you have to go and promote to your website on different social bookmarking websites like Quora, Digg deletion, Reddit. When you bookmark your web page up on the popular social bookmarking websites.

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Link Building

You will gain a high traffic for your web page or your blog. You can also build high quality back-links using the social bookmarking. Submit your blog post or pages to the most popular blog marketing or bookmarking site.

Search engine optimization .(SEO)

That you can get more and more traffic, so the second thing is the article video submission is like you made a video for your website your web page your tutorials give a links of your website and submit the videos or upload the videos on the popular website. One of the popular website is YouTube.

SEO Through Video

How i can promote my website on another you tube and another video channel, so the some of the you tube channel another video channels are break use a Stream daily motion screen yahoo live vine Netflix so these. If your are the some websites that you can use to promote your website. You can submit the videos of your website web pages and get a high rank on a google. Getting more traffic.

SEO With forums

Next thing is forum signatures. This is also very important nowadays because the forum’s they generally have a questions and the queries and the answers. Go to the forums which are relevant to your website which are like includes to your website so go there and goes to your links of the web pages. That you know google can recognize them and give you higher rank. Search engine optimization submission so this would be the very important.

Indexing & Crawling

You can see the actually the first step. That you must apply to your website that whenever you take a domain so submit it on search engines like Google Yahoo and everywhere. Just submit your domain so that other search engine can let know that this domain is being registered. That they can crawl your website. Next is the social networks go to the social networks and submit your website.

Social Media

Promote your website on different Twitter, Facebook every barracks at the outside the world the out said your website. You have to promote your website in a different ways by using social networks video and etc.

Search engine optimization .(SEO)

Blog Commenting

Next thing is the blog commenting. Go to the blog’s that are relevant to you and comment on that and put the links of your website on the other blogging websites. Google Analytics use Google Analytics to let know that how many users how many visitors are there for your website. That you can take attention towards. Your SEO and optimize or improve your SEO as well the Google Analytics. Directory submission sometimes is also helpful.

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This off Page SEO for website is the best technique to helpful to solve your question that you should follow these methods to get a better rank on Google is using the off page SEO techniques so if you want to learn about another SEO techniques and the tips just go and subscribe to my blog and get another article to get more information about see and another techniques.



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