What is SEO ? A Complete SEO Guide for Beginners 2019

What is SEO? We’re going to feature the absolute most critical accepted procedures and bits of SEO guidance to encourage you begin today.

I can remind myself the absolute first days, I caught wind of SEO. I was anxious to learn it and found each and every SEO Guide on the web, superbly educational and helpful.

Yet, lamentably I couldn’t discover somethings effectively or I should state, something to the point for novices.


Those were very befuddling days for me.

So from that day, I chose to compose a conservative SEO Guide for the novices in this field. All things considered, If you are another one with befuddled ideas of SEO simply like I use to be, in the first place.

At that point, simply take it easy as your perplexities will evaporate. Subsequent to perusing this article, you will have an unmistakable feeling of every vital thing and a way to proceed onward, on your SEO venture.

I want to give you basic and straightforward introduction to SEO .

What is SEO ?

If I just had 30 seconds to disclose to you how SEO functions, I would reveal to you it’s these three things:

Archive significance: all the stuff we do on our pages to make them increasingly important for clients and web search tools.

Expanding expert: every one of the things we do outside of our page so as to let web crawlers know we’re dependable and valuable to clients. Things like views, sales, favorites, links. We’ll talk somewhat increasingly about those—they’re somewhat subject on the platform.

Specialized improvement: all the in the background building that SEO stars do to make it simpler for web crawlers to discover a site.

Why SEO is exciting and you get it for free which is brilliant as well so it’s not the only source of traffic, but it’s a very valuable source of traffic because customers and users are searching on the search engines. Every single day so what you really want to do is capture Dok traffic, so let me just show you maybe a quick example to help show you know the couple of key factors to get to the top of the search results, and on the first page and that’s really going to give a lifeline for the different sections that we’re going to cover in the article

So I’ve just typed in drones to the top in the search box here this is really exploding niche and a lot of interesting things happening and you can see the guy who was the first organic search result here.

What is SEO
What is SEO

what we’re wondering well how did he get to the top of the search results number. One you know what his site is about is relevant. What I’ve typed into the search engine so I typed in drones you can see in the title tag of the page. You can see in the URL this drones you can see in the description there is drones so Google knows that this site is a bribe drones and so it’s matching it to my search.

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What SEO is not ?

There are a lot of misguided judgments out there so I constantly prefer to likewise contact a bit on what SEO isn’t.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t paying for traffic. This kind of procedure is considered “black hat” today and it is very prescribed to not tail it at all.

You may peruse or catch wind of “paid traffic“, instead of natural hunt traffic—however in that circumstance, paid rush hour gridlock alludes to traffic that has been pulled in through non-natural techniques, for example, PPC (Pay-per-Click) publicizing, for instance.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a trick. It’s isn’t obscure or against Google’s terms of administration. SEO is totally acceptable and normal if done in a “white hat” way. Lots of organizations depend and rely upon it. Search Engine Optimization works.

Search Engine Optimization is not  that quick. Many individuals jump into this the incorrect way—they hope to see SEO results immediately and that is normally not the situation.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t only for Google any longer. There’s various diverse stages that you ought to do Search Engine Optimization on, contingent upon your business.

What’s more, above all, SEO isn’t that difficult. All things considered, my most loved part of Search Engine Optimization is that once you comprehend it, it’s truly not unreasonably troublesome.

Who can do SEO ?

Most likely SEO is somewhat confused, however not excessively much if can follow along!

The fundamentals are effectively reasonable, and your approach to do that can have a major effect. The Internet is brimming with free assets to learn it, including this  SEO article.

What is SEO
What is SEO

Simply learn then include some training, and you are prepared to go master in that specialty!

In the event that your site is complex and you are not willing to learn and execute each and everything, you can look for the assistance from specialists to deal with the things for you. A firm like BlogRex can help.

Remember that: Having a sound information of the center ideas of SEO is an unquestionable requirement

I believe it’s sufficient now in the event that somebody asks you

What is SEO?” Presently how about we investigate the structure of SEO article.

The following segment is about down to earth data and will be exceptionally valuable to make your base about really doing SEO.

Simply recall that we will dependably concentrate on white hat SEO.

We are not talking in this article about comparison between black hat or white hat Search Engine Optimization

That was about fundamentals. Expectation you have everything in light of the fact that I have included nearly everything.

Prior to proceeding onward further, below  are the real divisions of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  •   Keyword Research
  •   On Page SEO
  •   Off Page SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is tied in with finding the aims of the clients to utilize search engines. What precisely the clients are searching for your topic.are your keywords.

Utilizing the correct keywords while doing SEO of your site, is the profession choosing thing for your site. It offers you a chance to know your focused on gathering of people bitterly.

It will build your site’s pertinence to your subject, and that is an incredible thing for SEO and web indexes.

Google Keyword planner tool essentially this is a free tool that’s going to give us almost all of the information we need to make informed decisions about which keywords are best for our business so really we just want to go over there.

I’m going to get you orientated show you the different features keep in mind that this tool was built for Ad words and paid search so there’s some features there that aren’t going to be relevant to us.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO mean  everything showed on the site page and its back end programming.  In On Page SEO, you have to upgrade your site’s page and posts, and so on for web search engines

Content is the greatest division of On Page SEO. Google’s first need is to give its clients top quality content, and with best pertinent data accessible on the web.

Nowadays Google additionally adores the correct length of content. So, try to write long and informative and helpful article

Content on your site isn’t just about the written article. It includes pictures, data, video, animation, GIF and other  graphics, etc. Attempt to make it for the best client experience and impeccably upgraded for the web indexes in the same time

Off Page SEO

Site Loading Speed matters a great deal! Have you at any point caught wind of Dwell time? No! please concentrate for what I’m about to tell you.

Much the same as you have done your On-Page SEO, you likewise need to do Off-Page SEO to make your space specialist according to web search engines.As it were, I can say we have to make our site for trustworthy web search tools.

What’s more, it will happen when different popular destinations tell the web search engine that our website has the best content about our topic. Presently, how would it happen?

We have to get our site alluded from different famous  resources on the web about our specialty.In specialized terms, it is called third party referencing. Normally, it’s a programmed thing.

We will post exceptionally fantastic content on our site and share it with topically interested people and web promoting assets. In the long run, whoever might want our asset will connect to it.

What is Meta Description ?

Meta descriptions don’t affect your web search engine  rankings, yet they will affect your click-through rates.

Meta Description is a couple of tips that I have for you on this as well so firstly you want to include action orientated language so you can see here that they’ve done very well they’re saying protect your home so there there’s a call to action there no other words and verbs that you could use for call to action they’re things like learn grab discover and there are other things you can do and obviously and they’ve done that well here not as well maybe here you know home insurance here they’ve done a better get six year off not as well here compare cheap home insurance they’ve done it better there okay

So the second thing about meta descriptions what you want to keep in mind is you know you want to offer a solution or you know to whatever the person is searching for so you know they’ve done it here protect your home insurance. you can count on see how you can save with a quick online quote so that’s pretty good. see you can save it’s quick its online its quote so that is a good you know way to entice people engage them obviously people are reviewing these before they click through. so it’s important to think about how you were presenting that you’re going to solve their problems. see another thing to think about as well as the length of it you want to keep it under  155 characters and under otherwise it’s going to be cut off so you can see here that they’ve done.


Getting your keyword in your URL is useful, yet changing URLs can have serious outcomes. Page movements can be tricky, so if all else fails, it’s simply better that you don’t do it.

The more traffic your page draws in as of now, the more dangerous changing the URL is.There are things you can do to relieve the effect of URL movements.

For instance, you can utilize a 301-divert from the old URL to the new URL at the same time, as a rule, you frequently observe a little traffic misfortune for a little bit of time when you do this.

At last, an imperative principle to remember here is that the nearest to the root Domain your URLs is, the better it will be from a SEO perspective.

Example : “example.com/page” is superior to                “example.com/folder/organizer/page”.

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