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Hello everyone. Welcome to This is Junaid Shahji. And today we are going to learn about the basics of digital marketing. This Post is designed for, especially for the beginners so that they can learn very easily. So, if you have any confusion please comment below on the Post so that I can reply your comments as soon as possible. OK. So, let’s start.

I will give you the example of digital marketing then I will tell you what are the types of digital marketing. Like a search engine, social media, content. Video, e-mail, SMS. These all are the types of digital marketing.

Then I will show you the example, related to each type of digital marketing so that you can find the type of digital marketing like what kind of or what type of digital marketing strategy has been used in that particular digital activity. OK. And at the end of this Post I will show you the benefits of marketing so that you will know the scope of digital marketing, so let’s go to the definition.

OK, so this the definition. Guys, It’s very simple.

 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands online or more forms of electronic media. What are the types of electronic media? Electronic Media are the Internet, mobile, SMS, email, so if you are promoting any product or service on these mediums like – Internet, mobile, SMS, email. This is called Digital Marketing. So, digital marketing is the promotion of products or services via one or more forms of electronic media. or you can simply say digital marketing is a process of promoting your product by online. So, if you are promoting a product or service online that is called digital marketing, it’s so simple. Okay.

Now. this is the example of digital marketing.  called search engine marketing. This is the Google search engine.

Whenever you type anything on Google. Google shows a number of search results. So this is called, you see this the first page. This called the Google search page and these results are called search results. Right!. So whenever you type any keyword.

what is keyword?

You type on Google search engine that is called keyword or it’s also called Search query. So as per your search query, Google shows a number of search results which are most relevant to your search query like you can see I have typed buy laptop online. So Google showed me about the search specifically to the laptop.

For example by used laptop online, by, by  so these all are the paid advertisements on So this is the one way you can do digital marketing on Google search engine.right?…

Now, we would cover the types of digital marketing. What other types of digital marketing?. So what we will cover? first, I will show all types of marketing Okay. So, guys, these are the marketing types. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing marketing, Content Marketing, Email marketing, SMS marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. These are the main Key parts of marketing I would say. So in the search engine marketing.

 E-mail marketing.

If you’re promoting your product or service through e-mail. So that would be called email marketing. If you have noticed many times in your email account, whenever you see your e-mail sometimes you find some promotional messages on your email and when you click on that particular e-mail you see this image banner. So this is e-mail marketing so you can also use e-mail marketing for promoting your products.

Video marketing.

This is the YouTube.

As you can see on the homepage of youtube, this is the banner and this is the advertisement. This is a pure advertisement. You can see here in the corner close Ad and this is the close button. All right. So it means this is a paid advertisement. Similarly, this is an advertisement on youtube homepage and this the advertisement of youtube search pages. Right… This Ad is presented by Hostar. OK. Hostar and as you can see there is a yellow icon by the name AD which means this is also a paid advertisement. So you can also do marketing through video and this is called Video Marketing.

Right… And I just wanna tell you guys about the YouTube that is that YouTube is not only for entertainment or watching movies or funny videos or songs. But youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Google is a first search engine and then after google YouTube comes, because people come to youtube not only for entertainment but also for learning, for getting some knowledge, for some research part. So that’s why we can not ignore Youtube in any digital strategy. So, it’s very important.

Okay. So, what’s next. There’s also the example of video marketing on your youtube watch page. This is called a you-tube watch page. Whenever you click on the video and what you see before starting the video you’ll see some kind of advertisement. This is called a skip-able advertisement. You can skip here after four or five seconds. Right. And what is the form of this advertisement? This is called in-stream video advertisement.  Okay. There’s some example like how does marketing, what are the channels and examples of digital marketing.

So this another example of video marketing.

Social media marketing.

The Facebook page. You can see the sponsored. The sponsor advertisement by Book My Show this kind of Advertisement comes in your news feed. So whenever you scroll down to read something you see some promotions like. like this book, my show is sponsored. this kind of advertisement always comes in the news feed and then you can see another advertisement on the right-hand side of your Facebook page. So It’s called RHS Ads.

 SMS marketing.

As we all know that most of the time you see or you get a number of promotional messages on your mobile or on a mobile number. So this is… this is a part of SMS marketing and it is also very important in digital marketing. So these are number of ways with the help of these activities you can promote your business Online.

 Search Engine Marketing.

I tell you, see these other channels plus just see the channels. This is a search engine. So we are promoting our product. and we are doing a digital activity on a search engine so that why its called Search Engine Marketing. SEM – so SEM stands for search engine marketing. Similarly, If we are promoting our products on social media so that would be called Social Media Marketing and the short form is SMM. If you are doing any video marketing, so that would be video marketing.

So what we do basically in search engine marketing. In search engine marketing we generally do two activities. which are very important. First, is called search engine optimization and then second is called PPC – Pay per Click Ads. This is the paid advertisement by the way and for doing PPC you must have an account of Google Ad words. It is a tool for running a PPC advertisement. Right.

Content marketing.

It’s simple as it is clear by its name and then content marketing. In Content marketing, if you are promoting your products through content then we are doing content outreach. We are creating a personal blog, WordPress blog and then we are engaging people with those particular blogs so that will be the content marketing because we are using the content part of our strategy. So that is called content marketing.

Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is quite different as compared to other marketing. Let me just give you a brief about marketing because it’s a very big topic so we can not cover the whole Affiliate marketing.

So what is Affiliate marketing guys? Affiliate Marketing its called the commission based marketing.

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It’s so simple like – let’s suppose you have a shop. right… You have a shop of men’s wear and you have 2-3 friends, so you said to your friends like-” listen, guys, I have started my new shop of men’s wear and if you give me two or five customers in a week then I will give you 20 percent discount on every shirt especially for you”. So it means you’re giving commission to your friends or anybody. So this is called the commission based marketing.

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