Hello Guys today i will show you all Top 10 Best free WordPress Plugins 2019 for WordPress. Currently as time goes on new plugins come out and there’s a lots of new talent and development out there. during this article i am gonna share with you guys Top 10 Best free WordPress Plugins 2019. That I found and that i use on my web site. I guarantee you by the tip of this article you guys can in all probability use a minimum of 2 plugins so let’s move and introduce you all to those.Top 10 Best free WordPress Plugins 2019

Best WordPress Plugins for a website in 2019

1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO in fact guys currently i know everybody recommends Yoast SEO Plugins. However still Yoast is in all probability one top required plugins

out there it’s simply amazing it primarily indexes your web site for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yendex and Bing it tells people what your web site is all concerning. So for example I have a browser open right here. And if you attend my web site right here type Tandacitynews.com you see all

these items right here this is exactly what Yoast will it takes all that content and it puts it on the search engines. It makes it show however you would like it to seem so it is a very useful plugin it helps for SEO. It’s nice most of the people who are part of SEO companies. SEO firms all of them use Yoast and in fact that is simply on page just like 30% of SEO but 30% is still a big part part of SEO right so it is a nice plugin that is very useful. I take advantage of it and it will show your web site on the search changes accordingly on how you want it.

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Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger or live chats currently before you guys think that this is often simply live chat. It is not this plugin offers this plugin will varied things. It will it connects your Facebook Messenger. Together with your fan page it adds social icons it adds this small chat currently. It adds a store map so people can click on that right there and simply conclude wherever your store. It’s such a big amount of further options in it really this is often a free plugin. They do have a pro version. But i believe the free version is simply good enough so right here.

I have Facebook live chat and that they even have like testimonials. They need just so much stuff that you guys can use. You’ll be able to actually show the notification box. And attend save they even have sort of a slide box a sticker see a sticker right here simply use this one.

Extremely cool stuff so I mean just it’s simply amazing. What this will so if you guys have an interest during this plug-in I extremely recommend it as a result of it’s a free plugin.

You Know nowadays Facebook is obtaining a lot of and a lot of common. So you reasonably want to own to you recognize jump on board with the Facebook fan page. If you are not doing it just get it just do it you know just force yourself okay.

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Ice gram – Welcome Bar

Ice gram currently Ice gram watch to convey you the flexibility to own popups on your web site. It really offers you the flexibility to have the pop-up bars also on top your website. So right here you guys will see I have this announcement bar right here. This was all through with the plugin currently it conjointly creates pop-up subscriptions email notifications something. That you wants this plugin has it’s reasonably like a ten an all in one thing so it’s a very useful plugin.

It gathers email addresses and it’s tons and loads of positive reviews. You guys will see for yourself it’s known as ice Gram. I extremely recommend it it’s simply superb. let’s talk about security you recognize security probably one of the most important things on your websites. If you guys aren’t using all-in-one W migration then you are missing out as a result of this plugin.

I will be able to really simply take copy of your web site download at your desktop. And then you will be able to upload it now really it is the best plugin that I even have found for you recognize backups and everything else. Guys you will simply check on the reviews right here so you got you know 40000+ active install.

Once more it’s it is nothing in need of superb it’s a nice free plugin, And that I extremely recommend it as a result of i take advantage of it and it’s it’s it’s just amazing.

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One Signal – Web Push Notifications

One signal currently have you ever ever been to an internet site. Wherever that little note comes up saying would you prefer push notifications. This plugin can really enable you to assemble you recognize people’s data. Will you be able to really send push notifications out through people’s browsers. Currently the good part about this plug-in is that it’s free and it converts 10 times higher than email selling.

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WPS Hide Login

WPS hide login. What will that had best once using WordPress. Guys unfortunately you can just go to any website and just go to other using WordPress let’s go ahead. Type this in wp-admin currently once I press enter you can see. This sad this has been disabled so this will basically not enable for people to own access.

There to very little login page as a result of that is reasonably freaky that anyone will attend your web site. Simply reasonably attend your recognize.

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You know your admin and guess your credentials you know and if they guess your credentials or if they know it or something, like that you’re gonna be in trouble you recognize your site’s will be hacked. So this plug-in right here will really create it so will you be able to amendment. It to something simply that you would need. it’s a free plugin and it’s so easy to use.

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Smush Image Compression and Optimization

WP smush so what this will is that it really compresses all of your pictures and it gets obviate all that further area to make your site load faster. It’s very helpful and it’s extremely useful. And it really has over one million active installs with 4257 positive reviews. So for instance to Illustrate you have got like twenty megabytes of pictures.



It’ll try and compress it as a lot of the maximum amount as attainable while not losing resolution and quality to create it around ten megabytes. I get around like a 35% reduction on size that will decreases loading time. I recommend WPS smush. It’s superb tremendous an incredible just simply try it out it’s going to really smush all of your images on your web site. Just one occasion so it’s could be amazing it’s simply superb. 

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Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL currently why is that this so important well Google simply had a large update last year. If you don’t have an SSL on your web site. Guess what happens public people get that like do not go this is a virus pornography web site. People will get the incorrect plan of your website. So with this plugin will is that if you have got an SSL and it is not working it’ll force the SSL to work so to Illustrate. You have got an SSL and your hosting company like we do not know what is wrong.

They are gonna recommend you to put in this plug-in so it’s known as extremely easy SSL. Once more it’ll confirm people do not get that like error. You recognize they are attempting to steal your stuff this will actually take that off so people can actually attend your website off to stress about all that crazy stuff so once more it will need an SSL. It’s not a free SSL so. I extremely recommend to induce a extremely easy SSL particularly.

If you have got like issues thereupon very little inexperienced lock like (Top Left Side) you guys can see this green lock that is what it offers you, So people are like OH it’s secure. It’s like it is you recognize it’s it’s just you recognize you attend websites people like it. You recognize so you just gotta get you know so definitely look into really easy SSL.

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WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest cache so this is a caching plug-in. If you guys are not caching your websites. Shame on you as a result of you ought to be as a result of it makes your site a lot of quicker and this has over 900,000+ active installs currently. I have simply seen superb results so wp fastest cache it is a free caching plugin.

If you guys Site Ground though they offer you a separate sigh crown caching plugin. So if you guys recognize you do not would like this plugin if victimization psych round except but for those of you. WHO are not would possibly got to use this plugin could be a free plugin. It’s nice i like it and that i recommend it to all or any of my friends and clients as a result of it’s superb.

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Tidio Live chat

Tidio Live chat is a live chat feature so if you guys need live chat accessible on your web site. Tidio Live chat is a free service and people can return to your web site. That they can start chatting and that i think it’s simply a nice, an excellent service to have . Do chats if you need. you would like.

If you want that little box on the bottom right saying. hey you know how ever am i able to assist you. You know I think tmd hosting has that let’s try it out team be hosting not their affiliate team be hosting. Once you attend this web site you see this small chat box.

That is basically what it does so it’s it’s an superb plugin and you’ll be able to you recognize chat with people right your web site. You can actually see also where they’re going so it’s extremely cool and really useful. It shows you prefer wherever and what is there like on the sales page. Kind of like message them saying hey well do you want to buy for that if you recognize. They’re like however does one know i used to be even here it is a extremely cool plugin and that i extremely recommend it.

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I hope you guys enjoy this article those are Top 10 Best free WordPress Plugins 2019 really useful plugins. That I found no currently we’re having some honorable mentions now these Best free WordPress Plugins by default are in all probability. I guess you’ll be able to say essentials while on off Top ten. they are in all probability best solutions depending on what you are trying to do for your web site.



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