Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing Tools

Today’s Topic Social Media Marketing Tools. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of the most popular sites out there on the web. Even Snapchat, Instagram these all Social Media Platforms. They are still doing really well.

What is Social Media Marketing ?

what is social media marketing? and the aim of it. So far you may think social media is making a page on Facebook post things on Twitter, Youtube or anywhere else. The main aim of social media marketing Run ads? right? But social media marketing is not limited to this.

If your customer wants to ask you this question and is unable to come to your store when he can use social media. He can ask you, a question on Facebook Or twitter. You So this is a part of social media marketing Or maybe I want to recruit an employee in a company and I don’t want to post on or you may have seen nowadays, we post on our Facebook wall that you need an employee Your friends of friends, etc can refer you.

You can easily hire a person and the company who takes a commission for this won’t be needed So social media is beyond your mind. that social media is just posting on page Okay we no doubt use social media for sales.

If we want to sell our product. Then we can use our product via social media and create brand awareness. Its a good way of brand awareness. There’s a person who doesn’ know about your product.

One more thing, you can do PR activities too. You can improve your image or defame. You have heard this rumor. Like, BJP has IT cell they did this that Rumours say that BJP has an IT cell and they are doing social media marketing. You can defame or improve a brand So for PR social media marketing is good And the best thing is internal communication.

There’s a company whose office is in USA London, etc and they want to talk to the employees they don’t want to spend on calls. They can use Skype video calls Conference on hangout.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing

Basically, we can divide social media into 5 parts.

  • 1: Collaborative projects mean Like two or more than two people work, just like Wikipedia. Wikipedia has pages and written info about everything But who write it? not Wikipedia person Right now, the company writes them itself Because. It improves SEO But ideally, anyone can write it About anything.
  • 2: Blogs & Micro Blogs. Microblogging means Twitter. Blogs mean written content on WordPress People comment in your blogs. You can reply This is a part of social media marketing.
  • 3: Content communities Where content is posted Just like video on youtube. Where people see our content.
  • 4: Social network sites. Where we can communicate with our friends.
  • 5: Virtual game/social world Like clash of clans Or any online game. Where we create our city and we can communicate with any person. we can add our friends.

Digital Marketing Skills

How To Start Social Media Marketing

Social Media. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of the most popular sites out there on the web. these all Social Media Platforms. They are still doing really well. They have over a hundred million active users daily. But as a beginner, all of this is overwhelming and complicated.

The first thing you need to do is pick the right social network. Yes, there’s a lot of them. Whether it’s Facebook, whether it’s LinkedIn, whether it’s Twitter, it’s up to you on which network you want to be on. You could be on all of them but if you’re in all of them. You’re not gonna spend enough time to make these profiles amazing.

Social media five, six years ago was way easier to leverage to get traffic from. Nowadays their algorithms are so strict because there’s so much competition they’re looking for the cream of the crop. In other words, if you’re not the best of the best you’re not gonna do well. So you need to pick the right social network.

What’s right for me may not be right for you. So the way you pick the social network is look up what space you’re in. If you’re in B2B the chances are LinkedIn is gonna be the best social network for you. Twitter is also another good social network for B2B but LinkedIn typically is better. If you’re in B2C, Facebook does really well, Instagram does really well, YouTube does really well. YouTube works for both B2B and B2C.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing

Now here’s the thing you also have to look at what content type do you like creating. Are you someone who’s really good with videos. If so you probably want to start with YouTube or LinkedIn. Facebook is much more competitive.

YouTube you can get the longevity, even if you don’t have an audience you don’t have a subscriber pool, you can get more traffic over time. Because Facebook people don’t really search on there. YouTube people perform searches all day long for videos. And your videos can continually get views if you rank higher.

If you’re going after an older demographic, Facebook is amazing. If you’re going after younger demographic Instagram and Snapchat are amazing. So now that you have a rough idea of which social network to go after and if you’re still unsure just leave a comment below tell me your business and I’ll help answer the question for you.

What is Digital Marketing ? Step By Step Digital Marketing

So, Now you select your platform. The second thing you need to do is start creating content. Yes, you’re like hey I have no friends, I have no following. It doesn’t matter no one’s gonna follow. If you don’t have any content. So start creating content. That starts off with completing your profile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all of them have profiles.

You need to complete everything from username to your email address to a really proper nice image, to a description of who you are or your company. If you don’t complete your profile. You’re not giving people a reason to follow. And when you’re completing your profile talk about the benefits that people are gonna experience from following you or subscribing to your page. But as I mentioned it’s all about creating content.

If you’re not sure what content to create, you need to check out your competition.

If you don’t know how to create content, it could be as simple as status updates, You can go to Type in any keywords from your industry. It’ll show you all the popular articles. That shows you what people like on Facebook, Twitter all the social sites. Which will then give you an idea of what kind of content will resonate with that social network and what doesn’t? Now that you’re creating content.

Next thing you need to do is build a connection. And you need to build a connection with people. It’s a social network. Just because you’re on a computer doesn’t mean you’re not connecting with humans. So make sure you’re friending all the people that you know, following them. You’re engaging, right you’re building connections. If it’s your friend already, like there’s someone that you know in person, you can just invite them to friend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

If it’s someone you don’t know you’re gonna have to work more to build that connection. And here’s how you do this. You go and look for all the people in your space who are putting status updates post. If they have questions respond to them, help them out. If they have articles feel free and share them if you think they’re valuable, right? You can repost, re-share, whatever it may be.

If there are other people on these channels, fan pages that are related to your industry even it’s your competitors and they’re asking questions you can respond to them, help them out. That’s how you build a connection. Even when you’re posting on your own page, when someone responds with a question or a comment, you should acknowledge that they’re there. Thank them for leaving a comment. Respond when they have a question. That’s how you engage. And what I found is over time as you engage what you’ll see is a lot of people will come back over to your site, they’ll follow you.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing Tools

You’ll engage deeply with them and they’ll become a loyal diehard follower. It’s not just about growing your number and having 1,000 followers or 10,000 followers. Which then gets me into my last tip. And the last tip is don’t go for follower count. It’s all about having valuable connections, personal ones. Because if your first 100 fans or followers aren’t that engaged with you, all these social networks have it in their algorithms.

Where they’re looking at a percentage. So if you have a million fans but only 1,000 engage. This is a terrible engagement rate. We shouldn’t show your content to anyone ’cause no one likes it. But if you had a hundred followers and every single one liked it, shared it and commented, they did all three of those things, social networks like Facebook are gonna be like, this content is amazing it needs to go viral because everyone loves it. So it’s not about having the most amount of fans, it’s about having the most amount of engaging fans.

If someone’s not gonna engage you don’t want them. Don’t just pay models to talk about you so you can get more followers. It’s about having the most relevant diehard fans. And I know as I said that was maybe the last tip, but here’s one more bonus tip for you. Don’t push people to your business from day one. Within three months or six months, by all means, you can start talking about your business, slowly mentioning it.

Try to get people over to your site and us customers. You can do simple things like just sharing a link. But you don’t wanna do that from day one. Why would you wanna promote your business when no one’s following you, they’re not engaged. If you walked up to a random stranger on the street and you said,

Is SEO important ? | Search Engine Optimization

“Hey, my name is Junaid. “I know that you buy razor “because everyone uses a razor. “Would you like to buy my razor?” They’re gonna be like, “You’re crazy, who are you? “We don’t want to buy anything for you.”

You need to build a connection. No one gonna buys from you until you build that relationship. So don’t promote your business until three to six months.

Social Media Marketing Tools

33 social media marketing tools, which will help you level up your business in 2019. We have these 33 just for you guys. So let’s Start

1 – Later

Later is a tool designed to help you schedule and manage your Instagram posts. Where in you can upload posts from your computer iPhone Tablet or Android so that you can manage your account Wherever you normally work. The ability to add team members is also a keynote in this particular social media marketing tool. The free plan comes with 30 photo posts per month for Instagram search and reposts and two Instagram profiles. Now There are a couple of things in later like it also helps you Socialize with Facebook Twitter and other marketing tools.

2 – Octopost

Octopost is a social media management tools specifically designed for b2b companies. It allows you to schedule your content to measure. Its effectiveness Curate content to share and listen to social conversations. That is important for your business And it even curves you to manage large social media teams, so if you are not using it for your b2b business Then you should start using Octopost.

3 – Tagboard

Tagboard It is a social listening tool all you have to do is plug in a term Topic or hashtag, and you will see how the topic has been discussed in the social sphere. It’s an advanced way to things like brand and product mentions but it’s also a useful tool to generate new ideas.

What to post and how to engage your audience especially as Trends develop.

4 – Followerwonk

Followerwonk It’s a tool exclusively for use with Twitter only it’s also one of the most in-depth and useful tools on this particular list. Followerwonk will help you analyze and optimize your Twitter audience.

5 – Every post

Every post which makes it easy to curate content all in one place by pulling together relevant quality media from YouTube Instagram Flickr RSS feeds and much more. Then you can reschedule or schedule your posts and customize them to suit the audience of each of your social platforms.

That way you are able to maximize the effectiveness of each and every single post in your social media marketing.

6 – Feedly

Feedly is best known as a Content discovery tool. Just like buzzsumo when it works a bit differently. Feedly is a content aggregator And you can use it to collect content from any number of different areas. Combining your ideal reading material into a single field. That you can produce at your leisure.

It won’t offer the same in-depth metrics that buzzsumo tasks. Which we’ll be discussing on this list later on but it will give you ample reading material. You never run out of things to post about on your social profiles.

7 – Bitly

Bitly is the next one which allows you to shorten any URL. So that it fits nicely across your social media channels. These Shortened URLs work with any channel on any platform, and you can even track your results with individual link analytics. Then you can optimize your marketing efforts based on the insights. You collect with this short bitly links this is one of my favorites.

8 – Co-scheduled

Co-scheduled headline analyzer it capitalizes on the type of Headlines. That convert it tells you to write the number of words and balances read for your target audience. And it also gives you optimal character length and creates an easy to digest headlines for your readers. So if you are not using then start using this number one headline analyze.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Social Media Marketing Tools

9 – Tailwind

Tailwind It’s a tool that helps you to succeed on Pinterest and instant so if Pinterest and Instagram. Your visual marketing tools are social media marketing campaigns. Which you are running on your business than on Pinterest. You can pin to multiple boards at once bulk upload and schedule posts with the drag and drop calendar.

10 – Sprout Social

If you want to give it a spin you can try it out for free with this particular social media marketing. All-in-one social media marketing tool to help managers better control. Their efforts it features multi-level access allowing direct total control and Access from lower-level.

Team members to better coordinate and delegate tasks. It comes with full post scheduling capabilities or detailed analytics platform And even a social listening platform to better understand.

11 – Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a simple and affordable solution to social media management. It has all the basic scheduling and analytics features and you can also run contests quizzes and Promotions. It even allows you to see how. Your social media marketing campaign stacks up against your competitors.

12 – Adparlor

Adparlor helps You create free ad mock-ups for Facebook Instagram Twitter and Pinterest.

13 – Visage

Visage It’s a tool that helps companies to design social media graphics. That is perfectly optimized for each platform. You can easily manage your brand’s style. And approved graphics templates to ensure Consistency across all of your designs and the editable designs allow you to collaborate with your team to update and remix Graphics with the restrictions set by the room

14 – Audiense

The audience is a social intelligence tool. That allows you to discover new target audiences and segment. Your own most importantly it helps you to discover and understand your audience by telling you. How they take then the audience helps you to optimize. Your audience engagement at scale with tracking and Reports.

15 – Tweepi

Small little Twitter to tweet me to be is a tool specifically for Twitter. Which helps you to get more followers. First what it will do is it finds relevant users Who are interested in your topic. Then it helps you to engage those. Users by mentioning them in tweets adding them to a list or Following them.

16 – IFTTT

This is a tool which says a world that works for you. Yes IFTTT It’s an acronym that stands for if this then that And you can combine different tools together to create individual recipes or sets of instructions, For example, You can set it up to send it to eat every time you make a new Instagram post now It’s a bit tricky to get used to at first But. You can use other recipes to simply plug and play best of all it’s completely free to use.

17 – Social Bakers

Social Baker’s is a suite of tools. That helps you to make social media decisions based on analytics. You can measure your performance versus your competitors. Use those insights to improve your content And then monetize your campaigns by budgeting more effectively. And boosting your customer acquisition Retention and growth.

18 – Social Flow

Social flow allows you to schedule your posts based on actionable data About when your target audience is active and what. They are Engaging with in real time all you have to do is upload your content to the queue and this software or social be a marketing tool. Will use the real-time delight collects along with your own business rules to determine which? posts to publish to which platforms And at what time. It really takes all of the guesswork out of social media. When it comes to social flow as a social media Marketing tool.

19 – Socedo

Socedo is a bit tricky in spelling. Socedo does it automatically discovers the people on social media. Who fit your buyer personas using real-time social behavior to Prequalify. Those people once you have that audience you can divide it up into multiple Segments and promote multiple products all in one place.

20 – Hub Spot

Hub spots blog ideas generator. Which helps you generate more blog post ideas. You will never fall short of article titles for your content simply putting nouns over here. This tool will do magic for your social media marketing content every single day.

21 – Post Creator

Post creator. Which enables you to upload images insert messages and add a logo to make more engaging branded content. And you don’t need to be a design pro to use. It forces your designs to one or more of your Facebook Twitter Linkedin Or Pinterest accounts all at once from a single interface. Design from anywhere on any design with no apps to download using your tablet or smartphone. Then you can take pictures right on.

22 – Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Emotional marketing value headline analyzer, Which also is termed as EMV headline analyzer. It’s a free tool which will analyze your headline to determine. The emotional marketing value also termed as EMV school as. You know reaching your customers in and deep and emotionally is a key to successful copywriting and your headline is unquestionable.

The most important piece of copy you use to reach Prospects. Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV words. It has in Relation to the total number of words. It contains this will determine the EMV which is emotional marketing value scored of your headline.

23 – Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey. If you are looking to get a photo editor other than canvas then Start using this tool. You can now do photo editing Collage making graphic design and much more. Who says you can’t polish up a for trade while riding the bus or sitting in a pressed Dentist’s waiting room. You can with PicMonkey mobile app as well.

24 – Canva

When we talk about photo editing tools. How can we forget this brilliant amazing free social media tool? Which is known as canva this can be categorized as the easiest designing tool for none? graphic designers yes Canva is 100% user-friendly and on the go, It enables anyone to become an awesome designer for the social media marketing campaigns.

25 – Giphy

It’s the world’s best animated is the world’s best-animated images tools. Where you can download the latest? gifs for your social media marketing campaigns Or simply upload social media content just for your profiles.

26 – Banner snack

Banners snack. It’s a revolutionary new banner making tool. Where you can forget all the hassle of working with Complicated design tools and take advantage of the most powerful online banner maker on the web. You can download your work as jpg PNG Html5 or jiff share them on social media or embed them into your website.

27 – Up Rank

Uprank, which is the world’s most intelligent digital marketing tool. Which you can use for social media marketing. With the best-in-class data and actionable insights on the most important metrics. You also will no longer be rocket science of pranks Research tool analyzes. Your website and builds a digital marketing strategy for your site in the form of comprehensive tasks Which will help you optimize campaigns for your social media marketing.

28 – Social Rank

Social rank is the perfect tool to help you execute on location-based activation influencer marketing Sealing product and surprise and delight campaigns. It is a social media audience management tool and the easiest way to identify Organize and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. You can use filters to segment your followers Organize them and then save lists or export the data.

29 – Hootsuite

Hoot Suite, It’s a simple, but powerful tool for the average social media marketer with a free version and relatively inexpensive paid options. You can use food suit scheduled posts in an advanced on a number of different social platforms and measure Analytics to understand how your content is performing.

30 – Buffer

Buffer, It’s one of the most recognized tools in the industry with it you can schedule any types of posts across a platform. You want even specifying patterns Or posts such as every day or weekdays. You can also use buffer to follow up on your posts. Evaluating which ones were most effective, and why they were effective.

31 – Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo, Which is one of the best tools we have found for discovering new fresh or popular content on the web with it. You can plug In a topic or a selection of keywords and find a breakdown of some of the most popular trending posts in those Categories. As well as a list of influencers who are sharing that content?

This is an excellent way to learn new ideas for your content marketing and social media campaigns as well as to identify Influencers in your industry who can help you grow your following.

32 – Meet Edgar

Visibility and reputation meet Edgar is a social media scheduling tool. That allows you to recycle old Posts all you have to do is organize. Your posts by category schedule your content by category and then Edgar will Automatically go through You and post your content from each and every single category. Once It’s gone through all of your scheduled posts. It will start recycling the holder updates.

33 – Portent

Last, but not the least is portent titled maker Houghton’s content idea generator helps. You refresh your idea simply by entering a subject over here And we’ll start giving. You start to give you plenty of ideas when it comes to your titles for your blog content or your social media marketing campaigns, so those are the 33 social media marketing tools which will help you and your business grow and Increase social media marketing campaigns.


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