How to Improve Website Speed

Welcome to the this post, in this post. I will show you how to improve the performance and speed. your WordPress website for free.

Basically in this article  we’ll learn how to set up w3 total  cache,which is a free and awesome caching plug-in.

That improve the speed and performance of your website. Now let me show you a comparison about what you’re going to achieve if you follow my steps. Now I had created a website and this code is so bad.

The Page Speed score is F and it is giving only 30% F, the worst score slow score is e 55%, it is taking around 5 seconds to fully load. Which is very great considering this score and the total file size is 2.6 5 MB and request as so many. If you follow me step by step you can achieve something like this, High speed Website

After using W3 total cache

 Website Score has gone to 87 percent, which is awesome. It is taking only 2.6 seconds to fully load.

The website the page size is reduced and requests are also reduced, Now don’t forget that. It is using a lot of space you know it is using a lot of heavy plugins, like Visual composer and so and there are many different big images. They decrease Website Speed.

We have accomplished such a decent numbers here. So this is the thing that you can accomplish and in case you’re making only a basic blog or a basic business site. Your outcomes will be vastly improved. Presently for what reason is this happens why these sites are so substantial and this score is so bad. By default WordPress is based on PHP. PHP is not a very light language and also because people use a lot of unnecessary plugins.

Your site might become very heavy and take a lots of time . The site to stack and eventually you may get the 100% CPU your utilization mistakes so to fix. Those issues it is exceptionally important to have a storing module introduced and arranged legitimately. Which is actually what we will do into this article.

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How to instal w3 total cache

Let’s get into it and the first thing that we have to do is go to our dashboard.

Here clearly first we need to install the plugins so how are plugins and tap on add new. As I said you before will utilize w3 all out reserve currently there are numerous you realize distinctive storing modules.

But I think at present w3 total cache all out reserve is a great one so in these search plugins you can type in w3 total cache. Or on the other hand you can simply type w3. You will see the outcome so this is the one that we need to introduce as should be obvious. It has got in excess of a million dynamic introduces which is extremely insane beyond what 4000 reviews and you can see. It will Improve Website Speed

W3 total cache plugins dashboard
W3 total cache plugins

It’s it has got 4.5 which is an awesome review so let’s install this plugins. After installing this plugins make sure to activate the plugins OK alright so once installed and activated plugins.

We have to go to  option general settings. Presently under general settings at the top you will see there are few links these will divert you to various segments under the general settings. Presently on the off chance that you go to minify it will divert you to this magnify section .

Now the first option under this general setting is preview mode which, I think is a very important option specially if you’re creating and doing these steps on a live website.

Page cache

page cache now this is the most important option in the whole plugins. On the off chance that you don’t do any settings whatsoever and simply just enable just tick mark this option, Its important for Improve Website Speed This will enhance the execution to an extremely incredible degree. This will boost the performance to an extremely quantifiable sum.

W3 total cache plugins dashboard

So you can just click on this just by enabling one single option. You will see a nice amount of improvement in your website performance. So now enable this thing and just click on save settings and purge caches.

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Minify. Now let’s come back in page cache method and by default this disk and hands will be selected. You have to select commands according pictures you have this disk basic do and select that one Improve Website Speed

If you’re using a Dedicated server or VPS or something like that then you can select these option. You can OK so but for many of you guys because lots of you people use the shared hosting so you have to select this one disk enhance.

After that the next option we have is minification this will minify the CSS and java-script file. So to do just click on that enable button. When you click on that enable button. It will show you that if you enable this this might break your website then we just click on this.

I understand the risk now there are two alternatives in the minify mode 1 Auto and 2 manual for most of you people just select Auto. If everything goes good on your website nothing happens. Then you can stay with Auto. You can stick with Auto after minifying after enabling this magnification and auto if your website breaks you can click on manual. Its give you good result for Improve Website Speed

W3 total cache plugins dashboard
W3 total cache plugins dashboard

We can do that settings further alright now in the minified cache method alresdy disk is selected HTML mini file should be all these three options should be the same, Which is the default option ok let’s save settings and purge cache.

Opcode cache

OP code cache. It is by default enabled and we don’t have to do anything just simply click on save settings and purge Caches. After that we have this database cache now you have to be very careful with this one,

What I would prescribe you initially empower this click on save settings and purge cache.

W3 total cache plugins dashboard

And see the site performance if you go to GT matrix . Type your website URL if you see that the website performance is Improve Presently you can stay with this. If you enabling this option is degrading the performance then you can simply disable this.

Database cache

Database cache. Because you know database caching is a resourceful. You know it takes a lot of resources server resources and most of the shared hosting does not provide.

Sometimes this might you know slow down your website As well so be very careful. With this one obviously it will not break down your website. It will it might slow down okay so let’s click on save settings and purge caches. Now one thing we have to notice and one thing you have to remember That,

The most important thing in the website performance and speed. Is the hosting the hosting that you choose and that’s why, I have given Best hosting link below that I recommend.

TMD Hosting Link

Browser cache

We have browser cache now this is a standout among-st the most vital choice this is an extremely discretionary imperative choice. Presently what this supposes an individual goes to your site out of the blue. At the point when this thing is empowered what this program whatever program the individual is utilizing like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox whatever.

It is utilized they are utilizing this program will store the whole site for them. On the off chance that you go to your settings. In case you’re utilizing Chrome you go to settings.

How about we go to cutting edge and how about we look for here it is clear perusing information. When you tap on that you’ll see something many refer to as stored pictures and documents. Also, for me it is 300 MB for you it may be less or all the more so this is all the stored pictures and documents of various sites.

I visit now when this thing happens when the individual visits your site for the second time, Third time, Fourth time then what happens is the site execution will be extremely quick. Because the website is not getting the data from the server but it is getting the data from your browser.

I would say but they are getting the stored document from your program alright with the goal that makes a site exceptionally extremely quick. On the off chance that you don’t comprehend that don’t stress simply make this enable.

Now I should tell you these times I should tell you this guys that if you don’t understand what I am saying if you don’t understand this caching process. So on don’t worry just follow my step whatever.

I take Mac you take Mac whatever button I click you click on that button and you will see a great amount of improvement in your website. OK now you enable this simply click on save settings and purge caches.


CDN now I specially recommend using a CDN and something like Mac Syrian and so on but that does that will obviously cost you some money very small amount of money but some money. So in this article  we are not covering this and there is a free Syrian available that is cloud fair so this is the first article of this series in the next article.

I will cover cloud fair. If you are Reading this article and whenever that second article comes make sure to read that because that will boost your website performance furthermore.

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