Prices for the unlocked 2017 handset — the first iPhone to offer a truly “all screen” experience — start at $769 for the 64GB model, while the 256GB version costs $899.

While Apple continues to sell new iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 handsets, the iPhone X was succeeded by the iPhone XS, with both sporting the same 5.8-inch display. That device, unlocked, costs $999 for the 64GB version, and $1,149 for the 256GB model, so the iPhone X, while a slightly less advanced handset, offers significant savings.

All refurbished iPhones from Apple ship with a new battery and a new outer shell, and come with a one-year warranty. Delivery is free, too.

Prior to leaving the workshop, each device is cleaned and thoroughly tested to ensure it’s in perfect working order. An added touch is the brand-new box that the refurbished iPhone arrives in, which also contains new cables.

Take note, though. Refurbished iPhones are popular, so you may have to check Apple’s site multiple times before you strike gold. And you might have to wait even longer if you favor the Space Gray iPhone X over the Silver model, or vice versa.

If you’re after a full-screen iPhone but don’t fancy a refurbished model, then beside the iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch XS Max, you also have the new and highly rated, 6.1-inch iPhone XR, which costs $749 for the 64GB model, $799 for the 128GB model, and $899 if you want the maximum storage of 256GB. The iPhone XR is the handset with the most color options, too.

If Apple’s prices for refurbished handsets don’t work for you but you’re still after a cheaper, used iPhone, then it’s worth looking at large retailers and online stores, which will likely offer bigger discounts on used handsets than Apple does on its website. If you do take this route, be sure to check the small print to find out things such as possible imperfections, how the phone has been tested, whether it comes with new cables, and if a warranty is included.

Apple has begun selling some refurbished  iPhone X units worldwide through their online stores. While the phones are technically old, Apple has put in extra work to make sure these phones are updated with the latest releases. Here’s why the refurbished iPhone X units are worth buying.

As seen on the Refurbished page on the Apple Store, these iPhone X units are up for grabs at around $769 for the 64GB version and $899 for the 256GB one. Apple reportedly made sure that these units are in good condition and have all its parts replaced to make the unit work similarly to newer iPhone X units. Lastly, these phones will also have a one-year warranty, which makes it a safe buy even if something unfortunate happens to the phone.

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So far, these iPhone X units come in space gray and silver. Moreover, these phones are also unlocked, which allows users to go for any network provider among Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Since the unit is already yours once purchased, Users won’t need to worry about monthly fees or other subscription deals needed to keep the phone in the long run.

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As of now, the latest generation of the Apple smartphones is the iPhone X generation. Aside from the vanilla iPhone X, other versions include the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Going for the refurbished ones allows users to have the latest Apple device at a cheaper price.

More than just going for the cheaper price, the refurbished iPhone X is also good for future proofing your device. Buying the latest device allows users to get the latest iOS updates and receive new features introduced in the upgrade. Apple is known to slowly discontinue adding the latest updates for its older phones as new iPhone generations are introduced.

In other news, Apple has also put up iPhone SE units on clearance sale. Apple has no shortage of official and cheaper alternatives to their latest line of smartphones and other smart devices.

If you’re an iPhone fan who wants a dual camera and OLED display but would rather not spend a grand or more on an iPhone XS, You’re in luck — at least, For now.

Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone X units for the first time, Starting at $769 (£769) for 64GB of storage and $899 (£899) for its 256GB counterpart. We wouldn’t count on stock lasting forever, But the X stands a better chance of sticking around than clearance iPhone SE models did in January.

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Whether or not it’s worthwhile versus the comparably-priced iPhone XR is a tougher call. You do get those dual rear cameras and a higher-resolution OLED screen, but you’re also foregoing the XR’s faster processor, Smart HDR photography and lengthier battery life. So long as you can live with those compromises, though, you’re still getting a reasonably powerful handset.


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