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Hello Friends, Welcome to TechnicWala blog your destination to Learn, Earn & Grow. This Blog About WP Web Development, Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing.

About the blog:

TechnicWala is my First blog, on my blog I share articles related WP Web Development, Blogging, Technology, SEO & Digital Marketing. I started this blog on 2018 to share my knowledge of WP Web Development and Digital Marketing.

I cherish SEO by my heart, I am extremely motivated by best Digital Marketers and SEO specialists of the world.

This motivation in me is because I also want to help people to grow their business and solve their problems related to digital marketing and traffic, I was extremely interested by the culture of Hustling outside India.

Individuals from Canada, UK, US, Australia are earning in 6 figures just with Laptop and web association, so I likewise begun carrying on with the life of a Hustler since 2018.

About me:

My name is Junaid Shahji a professional WP Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, & Entrepreneur. After completion of my studies in India, I moved to UAE for job, I started working in a Good Pharmaceutical Company as a Accountant Cum IT Support Engineer, At the beginning of my career, I felt myself very Lucky Because I got a white collar Job in such a Good Pharmaceutical Company.

One inquiry I generally asks my self consistently when I go to the workplace – “How individuals of corporate can do same work on the regular routine without realizing?” How they can do that way.

I was extremely yearning about my work, I constantly needed to build up an organization which helps individuals some way or another in their day by day everyday life in taking care of their issues.

I Don’t like doing job under a manager. I need to work for myself, so I began following my energy and fabricate a realm of business enterprise. I began my voyage as an entrepreneur, I began one organization named ‘Dream Computer’at the age of 18 it was a Computer Hardware Offline Portal, because of absence of learning about sites, financing, business advancement it fizzled and I end up with misfortune. that was my first task and venture was great sum.

After that,………………….

Now I am doing job in UAE and I am a freelancer on Fiverr . I provide many services Like :- WP Web development, SEO, Blogging and Digital marketing

I love online marketing and doing business, I help people in building their first brand and Blog

My other blogs:-

Junaid Shahji’s Interest

I love Traveling, Blogging, Photography, Building brands & eating ( KFC, Chicken BBQ, Chicken BBQ Pizza..) is my Favorite. I love playing football and badminton. I love meet with new people

You can connect with me at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/junaid.shahji.10297
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/junaidshahji279
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/junaidshahji

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