“What is WordPress” ? WordPress – OVERVIEW

“What is WordPress” ? WordPress – OVERVIEW

“What is WordPress” ? WordPress – OVERVIEW


WordPress is an open source blog software package that works exceptionally well as a content management system, a blog system, or a traditional website. It makes it easy for anyone to set up, manage and maintain a website—without having an advanced degree WordPress started in 2003.WordPress was announced as open source in October 2009 and is now the largest self-hosted blogging tool and is used on, literally,

millions of sites worldwide. WordPress lets you create pages (stand alone content) and posts (time-driven content) to build out the content of your site. And you can also easily manage your site’s look and feel with themes. These are custom designs for your site that control how everything is laid out and organized. (If you’re familiar with the term “template” just substitute the term “theme” when talking about WordPress.)

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

The Content Management System (CMS) is a software which stores all the data such as text, photos, music, documents, etc. and is made available on your website. It helps in editing, publishing and modifying the content of the website.


  • User Management: It allows managing the user information such as changing the role of the users to (subscriber, contributor, author, editor or administrator), create or delete the user, change the password and user information. The main role of the user manager is Authentication.
  • Media Management: It is the tool for managing the media files and folder, in which you can easily upload, organize and manage the media files on your website.
  • Theme System: It allows modifying the site view and functionality. It includes images, style sheet, template files and custom pages.
  •  Extend with Plugins: Several plugins are available which provides custom functions and features according to the users need.
  •  Search Engine Optimization: It provides several search engine optimization (SEO) tools which makes on-site SEO simple.
  •  Multilingual: It allows translating the entire content into the language preferred by the user.
  •  Importers: It allows importing data in the form of posts. It imports custom files, comments, post pages and tags.



  • It is an open source platform and available for free.
  • CSS files can be modified according to the design as per users need.
  • There are many plugins and templates available for free. Users can customize the various plugins as per their need.
  • It is very easy to edit the content as it uses WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get is a user interface that allows the user to directly manipulate the layout of document without having a layout command).
  • Media files can be uploaded easily and quickly.
  • It offers several SEO tools which makes on-site SEO simple.
  • Customization is easy according to the user’s needs.
  • It allows creating different roles for users for website such



  •  Using several plugins can make the website heavy to load and run.
  •  PHP knowledge is required to make modifications or changes in the WordPress website.
  •  Sometimes software needs to be updated to keep the WordPress up-to-date with the current browsers and mobile devices. Updating WordPress version leads to loss of data, so it a backup copy of the website is required.
  •  Modifying and formatting the graphic images and tables is difficult.


So, who can use WordPress?

The short answer is anyone. WordPress is a pretty powerful system and it can easily be customized
for your needs. There are themes specifically designed for all sorts of scenarios, including blogs,
mini-sites, online stores, online magazines, photo galleries and more.

A WordPress site can work well for just about anyone, like:

  •  Small businesses & large corporations
  • Service-oriented companies like plumbers, real estate agents, car dealers, etc.
  • Restaurants, caterers, and designers
  • Consultants, freelancers & coaches
  • Schools, nonprofits and churches
  • Bands, artists and creative professionals
  • Scrapbook enthusiasts and other hobbyists
  • Professionals looking for a job
  • Families creating a family history to share

WordPress can work for just about anyone.



What are the benefits of using  WordPress?


   Here are just the top 5 benefits of using WordPress:

1. The software is free!

How many times have you been given something for free that is fully functional and ready to use? And if you want to upscale your site a little with premium themes and plugins, you’re still going to save tons of money over what you would pay for a custom designed site.

2. It’s easy to use.

Seriously. If you can send an email, use Microsoft Word, or set up a Facebook account, then you can use WordPress. In other words, if you’ve already used a computer, chances are you are already skilled enough for the WordPress basics. And even better, it’s hard to mess it up. You can add and
delete pages, posts, sidebar elements, etc. without accidentally messing up the overall design of your site.

3. You are in control.

Owning your own site, and being able to make changes to it yourself, is the ultimate in online freedom. You do not have to rely on an expensive web designer to make changes or fix a tiny error for you whenever they can squeeze you in. You’re in control of your site – and your wallet.

4. Search Engine Advantages

Search engines love sites that are easy to index (WordPress is) and that have frequently updated content. That’s where blogging comes in to play so nicely. Just by running your business or personal site and communicating with your readers in a way that’s natural to you, you’ll be producing fresh,
relevant content the search engines can’t wait to get ahold of.

5. A HUGE Support Community

WordPress isn’t just a software, it has become a community.

System Requirements for WordPress

  • Database: MySQL 5.0+,Oracle 12c
  • Web Server:
    1. WAMP (Windows)
    2. LAMP (Linux)
    3. XAMP (Multi-platform)
    4. MAMP (Macintosh)
  • Operating System: Cross-platform
  • Browser Support: IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera
  • PHP Compatibility: PHP 5.2+

Download WordPress

When you click Download  button you will get to see a screen






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